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I cut my teeth on the likes of science fiction, which my folks approved of, and the steamiest romance novels I could lay my hands on, which they did not. Naturally, my stories now blend the two.

My heroines roam the galaxy, flail through adventures, and seek their destinies. When they crash into love in the form of a virile, determined man (give or take a few horns or scales), they’re more inclined to run the opposite direction than to embrace it.

Fortunately, my heroes are determined to hold on to a good thing when they find it. If that means kidnapping their women or faking a spaceship crash, so be it! And if the women are furious or even vengeful when they discover the deception … well, the men will deal with that situation when it arises, even if it means dodging a few projectiles.

I live on the West Coast with my husband, my kid, and whatever animals wander up to our home and move in. I’m sure it’s purely a coincidence that the men in my novels have a gleam in their eyes and a growl just like my husband’s.

I hope that readers will enjoy my stories just as much as I enjoy writing them!