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Pryce promised to love her, keep her safe, and keep her away from weapons.

One out of three isn’t bad, is it?

When your dream woman grew up in a cave, adjusting to life on a starship can be tough. So Jess hoards knives and wears rags. There’s no harm in that, is there?

But lately distance has grown between them. It’s hard to balance work and love, especially when you’re the captain of a starship. They desperately need private time!

Now danger looms. While his heart pulls him toward her, he must focus on the safety of his ship or risk losing everything.

They may be after the ship, but they’ll have to go through her first!

Life on a starship is good, mostly. Jess has a full belly, a dry place to sleep, and a lover who adores her.

Too bad he won’t share the most basic facts about the ship’s operation. Things like a threat to him, the ship, and its crew. Does he think he can hide that from her forever?

She watched her parents die when aliens invaded her planet. Now it’s time to take action and do things her way. She doesn’t like killing, but she’s better at it than anyone else on the ship.

But if they survive, will Pryce still love her?