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She craves life, love, and her own destiny

Hundreds of years have passed since Miri’s ancestors fled Earth, settling on a remote farm holding on Peshera. They’ve lived and died there ever since, scratching a meager existence out of the dirt. Now her father wants her to do the same, acting as servant to him and her ill-tempered stepmother.

Her sole comfort is the tall, broody male who lives in the workshop, who growls out his words and whose eyes follow her every move. He spins tales of the outside world and gives her hope.

Her father says Lem is a monster. She sees an irresistable man with horns.

Half-human, half-Theil, and a misfit in each world

When Lem is falsely accused of fathering a child, he storms out of his Theil mountain village and marches halfway across the planet.

Seeking food and shelter, he’s hired by a drug-addled human who regards him as little more than an animal. Then he meets her: his fated mate, his heart’s desire, and his chance to finally be whole.

But she’s his employer’s daughter. His love is forbidden, and revealing it too soon can cost him and Miri everything.

Fate brought them together. It can also drive them apart.