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Release date: November 19.
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She’s filthy, she’s murderous, and she lives in a cave. 

She’s also his mate.

Kill or be killed. That was Jess’s life after the Ghul invaded. With civilization in ruins and her family dead, she fled to the woods and clawed for survival. Fifteen years later, the Alliance came in the dark of night and tore her life apart again.

Now she’s being held on an Alliance starship against her will. Its captain looks at her with a glint in his eye and says there’s a man on board for her, a man who’ll cherish her.

But why would she want that? Men are terrifying! No, all she really wants is her freedom. If the captain will just undo her cuffs – or come within reach so she can bash him over the head – she’ll let herself out and find her own way home. Surely it can’t be that hard to fly a spaceship!

Captain Pryce Adamson isn’t looking for a life mate. He certainly doesn’t expect to find one shackled in his ship’s interrogation room, spewing lies and threatening violence. But within minutes of pitting his wits against hers, he knows she’s his match. Shipboard tests merely confirm what he already knows: this feral, outrageous nymph of a woman is his shot at a lifetime of joy and passion. 

But her time in hiding has left her badly scarred. A man is the last thing she wants. It’s going to take every bit of patience and cunning he has to win a chance with her … and even then, he may find a knife between his ribs!


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