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I’ve been meaning to write about SFR Station for awhile. Since they were kind enough to share one of my books today, that gives me a good excuse!

Their website and associated social media outposts are a wonderful resource for readers, featuring indie and small press science fiction romance. They are not a reseller, but do link to sites offering the listed books.

Books must have a rating above four stars in order to be listed. While there are plenty of good books on Amazon and the like that don’t quite have that rating level, that requirement does provide some assurance that readers have enjoyed the stories.

Best of all, their website lets one search for books by sub-genre, such as action/adventure, colonization, or humor. One can also search on pairing type/trope, such as friends to lovers, slow burn, or alien pairings.

This is much more convenient than, say, visiting the website of one’s favorite book retailer and typing in a long string like “science fiction romance second chance action fairytale billionaire alien” or “science fiction romance holiday alien”.

While only the website has the special search feature, new offerings are frequently listed there and on social media. Why not have a look? You might just find some new favorites!

SFR Station around the web:


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